RI Books, Children’s Authors Highlight 2nd Annual PVDFest


Come to Providence’s biggest event of the year — PVDFest — on Saturday, June 4th. where ARIA will be selling books written by RI writers from 11 to 6 in Burnside Park. At 4:30,  join ARIA’s children’s authors at the kids stage for a storytelling session featuring original RI stories.

Live music, dance, food, and visual art installations transform the city in a four-day, multi-arts take-over of public spaces, parks, and outdoor stages in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island.  Artists from across the globe join with the Ocean State’s finest for a free outdoor party that inspires the soul, fires the spirit, and has thousands dancing in the streets. The cityscape pulses with cultural energy and urban spectacle in this Creative Capital celebration.

Meet the Writers of the Ocean State

Discover the writers in your own backyard at the Warwick Public Library (Sandy Lane) on Saturday, April 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

See books on all topics and genres. Buy a book and have it signed. Talk with the authors and ask questions.

The event features the following authors: Julien Ayotte, Brian Beneduce, Joshua Blum, Judith Boss, Adele M. Bourne, Ann Eckert Brown, Henry A.L. Brown, Paul F. Caranci, Russ Chevalier, David Christner, Jayne Conway, Mary Croft, Elda M. Dawber, Amy Deluca, Kathleen DiChiara, Vincent DiGiulio, Rich Feitelberg, Janet A. Hartman, Roberta Mudge Humble, Sam Kafrissen, Laura Kennedy, Alex Kimmell, Steven R. Krasner, Kerri Lanzieri, Sara Low, Dave Mann, Rachael McIntosh, Joann Mead, Kevin Mulhern, Yvette Nachmias-Baeu, Jenna O’del, Dawn Porter, Steven R. Porter, Ashley Richer, Rick Roberts, Gregory Rubano, Todd Ruffin, Theresa Schimmel, Jeanine Spikes, J. Michael Squatrito, Jr., Deborah L. Tillinghast, Ray Wolf, Brian Wu.

Drop in to explore Ocean State lit. This event is free and open to all.

This event is organized and sponsored by the Warwick Public Library. Wil Gregersen, Contact Phone Number: (401) 739-5440, x221 Contact Email: wilgregersen@gmail.com

Spotlight on Memoirs at December’s Lively Literati

LiteratiDecember2015The Lively Literati returns to The Elephant Room in Cranston’s Pawtuxet Village on Thursday, December 17th with authors Patricia Mitchell, Connie Rose Ciampanelli and Debbie Kaiman Tillinghast. The authors will be discussing memoir writing and sharing short excerpts from their most recent works. Following the presentation, audience members are invited to share their own short writing or poetry, on any topic, at our open mic. The program begins at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Rhode Island Author Expo Spotlight – Mark Perry #riauthors


Rhode Island Author Expo Spotlight – Mark Perry

This post was originally posted on Martha Reynold’s blog and has been reposted here with author permission, minor revisions have been made.

Last week, an eight-year-old girl from San Diego put a spell on herself in the shower, to turn herself into a mermaid.  Why hasn’t it worked yet, and how much longer will it take, she asks?  Where does such a child turn when they are contemplating their life’s most compelling questions?  Well, that would be good old St. Nick, or course, because the allure of Santa Claus to a child makes them think and feel that he is all-knowing.

When I became ‘Post’ Mark, the North Pole Postman, the elf who works in Santa’s mail room, I guess I hadn’t thought I’d be confronted with such far-fetched questions.  I more or less expected kids to share some interesting stories, because we all know kids say the funniest things.

For example, Oliver from Australia has a dog named Shelby who he believes is friends with Santa’s reindeer because she doesn’t bark at them.  Timmy, in the state of Washington, isn’t sure if Santa will come to his house this year because he tripped and fell down.  When he fell, he knocked over the Christmas tree, and broke a few of the ornaments, and thinks Santa is mad at him now.

Working for a boss who is a metaphor means I am the one who has to address these issues all while keeping a straight face when a child or parent visits me at one of my live book-signing events, or logs on to my website to share them.

A message in Santa’s inbox the other day is from a nine-year-old girl in the U.K. who has a crush on a boy, and wants Santa to let the boy know, so he will notice her, but if he can’t do that, she understands.  She would just be fine with an iPad underneath the Christmas tree, instead.

While I truly enjoy having the world come to my door with these messages, and feel they are a gift to me, you can imagine this is challenging at times since a child doesn’t know or understand that I might be going into the fourteenth hour of my work day, and there were dozens, if not hundreds of kids that came before them.

Working for Santa is a very rewarding experience, but as kids are taught, and one might expect with being an elf, it requires long hours.  I often ask myself, “How much longer can I go on doing this job,” and then, Santa receives a message from Angela in Virginia stating that she will be leaving cookies for him when he comes to her house on Christmas eve, along with carrots for the reindeer, and something for ‘Post’ Mark too because she loved reading his book.  Wow!  What an honor.  I wonder what she’s going to leave me!

It’s almost December! Visit Post Mark and find out how to send a letter to Santa!